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Appliance Tips Of The Month 

Dishwasher Tips
Q. Which detergent type is better, liquid gel or powder? 
A. We recommend the powdered/granular detergents--like Finish. We've also found that quality brands work better. 

Q.  My dishwasher takes too long. What's wrong?
A. It may be a model that pre-heats the water. If the water is to cold when entering the dishwasher it can cause the wash times to be longer. To avoid the wait, increase the incoming water temperature before turning on the dishwasher. Do that by running the kitchen sink faucet until the water runs hot and then turning the diswasher on.

Q. Should there be water in the bottom of my dishwasher?
A. Yes. All dishwashers leave a small amount of water in the bottom (usualy it is not visable), to keep the pump primed. 

Q. My cups and glasses are coming out with spots and film. What's wrong?
A.  This could be caused by a number of problems: The water temperature, (needs to be at least 120 degrees), Improper or to much soap, or there could be a mechanical issue. The use of a rinse-aid product such as Jet-Dry will help the sheeting action to reduce spotting.

Film can be caused by a couple of things: It could be from a lack of water flow within the dishwasher. It also could be from hard water or low water temperature. If you can remove the film with vinegar, it's probably caused by hard water deposits.

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